Land with an area of ​​nearly 2HA is a land with a reasonably safe condition. location located near residential areas, with the rural atmosphere cool. with shady beach conditions, the location is very suitable for villa, for a resting place. electricity is already available in the location and use of artesian well water. Besides, around the location of the place in which fishing activities
arrest fish, so to get fresh fish for consumption is easy.
Land status : Freehold (SHM)
SHM number : 01586 issued in 2015 & 02351 issued in 2016
Aspect : farm (tanah kebun)
Configuration : ± 50 x 400 meters
Village : Kadumbul
District : Palakahembi
Regency : Sumba Timur - Province : Nusa Tenggara Timur
Access From Airport : 45 Minute
Road Access: 8 Meters
Contact Person :
Mr. Agus Dwi Cahyadi
 Phone / WA           : +6285339035000
 Email                     : Agusdwicahyadi@gmail.com / d.agus98@yahoo.com


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